Garmin Connect Web API

***not official***

Currently the Garmin Connect Web Services API is under development.
I collected some references on parts of Garmin web api.
Most of them can return result in JSON format.
Hope it help us in making good applications with Garmin web api.

2014-07-04: Garmin disallow access to own documetation. my backup garmin-api docs

Garmin web services api urls:

with documentation:
without documentation:


For making most of actions with api you should be authentificated.
Garmin use single sign-on auth for all services.
Read this thread in garmin developers forum
and view good source code from cpfair and his project tapiriik
and view some info from garmin code
**before march-2014**
Do HTTP POST request to with parameters:
  • loginUsernameField
  • password
  • For some actions authentication is not needed.view simple usage examples

    I'm not member of Garmin developer team and all info is not official.